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Monday, September 27, 2010

Virtual Seminar: Critique & Review of Electronic Portfolio

The purpose and goals of the portfolio
I have been working with the only ODL institution in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Open University (BOU). BOU mainly uses printed materials in conducting courses, with a few supplementary audio and video recorded lessons. One of its popular courses is English language. English language is a core subject in most faculties at BOU. As an assessor of English examination papers, I have found it difficult to trace noticeable progress in authentic usage of English language. Learners in most of the cases produce the bits of knowledge they have memorized. As a language instructor, it appears as a challenge to me to provide the learners with a constructive learning environment in an ODL environment. To assist learners with a congenial, encouraging, creative learning opportunities, BOU attempted to prepare pre-recorded interactive programmes on English language learning, called Virtual Interactive Classroom (VIC,, which to some extent provided learners with an active learning environment. And I thank Allah for creating an opportunity to be exposed to the world of learning through MIDT with which I would like to reform and recreate a learning environment supported by strong pedagogy served by web 2.0 technology.

The purpose of the e-portfolio will be to

i. demonstrate the effectiveness of IDT through my own learning in chosen artifacts and that it is something that may be considered by BOU for making English language teaching more effective.)
ii. promote active and interactive pedagogy in English language learning where e-technology has tremendous roles to play.

Outcomes to be addressed in the portfolio

1. To demonstrate the role of reflection in learning
2. To demonstrate the need for Instructional Design in Language Learning.
3. The role of regular feedback in learning progress
4. The role of visual support/ visual learning objects in learning
5. Teacher-student, student-student, student-resources interactions and contribution in learning
6. Role of e-technology in reflection, feedback, visual support and interactions

Target audience

My MIDT classmates and my colleagues at Bangladesh Open University ( BOU) are the target audience of the e-portfolio. I will provide my faculty with the blog link so that they can have an access to go through it,and share their views for academic and professional development.

List of artefacts to be included from the following courses

1.Principles and Practices of Instructional Design (1 artefact)
2. Research In Instructional Design & Technology (1 artefact)
3. Applying Theories of Learning to Instructional Technology (1 artefact)
4. Managing Intellectual Capital (2 artefacts)
5. Learning Community and Social Pedagogical Networks (1 artefact)
6. Design & Development of Interactive e-learning (2 artefacts)
7. Online Instructional Assessments (1 artefact)
8. Instructional Technology Development Tools (1 artefact)
9. Human Performance Technology (1 artefact)
10. Current Trends & Issues In Instructional Technology (2 artefacts)
11. Research Project Design (capstone project)
12. Virtual Seminar (blog)

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