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Monday, September 27, 2010

Applying Theories of Learning to Instructional Technology

The course Applying Theories of Learning to Instructional Technology (HMLT 5203) combined various learning theories, behaviourism, cognitivism, constructivism, and connectivism with technology to have an effective delivery in education. The task of preparing a position paper (artifact) was an introductory lesson for me with web 2.0 tools. I was amazed to see the numbers and uses of web 2.0 tools. Later on, in the 4th semester through HMID 6303 we were exposed to innumerable tools that can be applied to add multidimensional effects to learning. Bonk's book The World Is Open opened the world for learning community where geographical boundary does not exist.

Now I can hardly think of any educational programme without web 2.0 tools.

I have selected the artifact as I want to share my experience with my colleagues, and would like to learn how they are using web tools in professional life.

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