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Monday, September 27, 2010

Instructional Technology Development Tools

Instructional Technology Development Tools (HMTT 6003) in the 3rd semester introduced us with HTML, Flash, Dreamweaver/ Frontpage Express. Initially we were introduced with soe basics of instructional technology development tools and how to apply them in developing web pages. Using Flash and Dreamweaver This course aims to introduce students to various technology development tools with a focus on HTML, Flash and Dreamweaver/ Frontpage Express. Using these tools I produced a mini project relevant to the Virtual Interactive Classroom (VIC) project of Bangladesh Open University. My project can be viewed at

I had zero knowledge on HTML, and Dr Ravi, the course facilitator with his unlimited patience instructed and guided me in completing the project. As this is a practical work I need to practice more for getting fluency in HTML. But I assess educational webs as a very useful tool in facilitating learning.

If instructional designers can have the efficiency on web designing, they can build webs according to the needs of learners, and instructors as well.

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