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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Learning Community & Social Pedagogical Networks

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The final task (artifact) of the course Learning Community and Social Pedagogical Networks (HMLC 5303) takes me to think deeper of the learning theories. In the task I used an example of bees, If we look at nature and focus on the example of the bees, the activities of worker bees’, skills
and decisions reflect wisdom of how to collect nectar and when to kill the male bees whose
job is no longer required, and how to protect the queen bees. Though the whole system is
programmed, don’t you think that the integrated nature of the task reminds us of connectivism-
--a learning theory that requires self organization, connections with members, with resources,

I was wondering while going through the theories of connectivism, networked learning, and communities of practice that in one word, can we say 'knowledge resides in connections?'

I seek your opinion about how can we strengthen connections to enhance our knowledge?

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